22 février 2007

Warning: I am NOT on MY SPACE!!!


Hey Guys,
Happy Chinese New Year. Long time no write. Been having a a good time off, been back home to the Bay Area, Lake Tahoe and South Africa. I'll talk about my travels in my next blog.
Today I just wanted to say OFFICIALLY that the MY SPACE page some of you have seen IS NOT from me. If you look at it carefully and read the writing you can pobabaly tell it's an imposter. From the writing style, it looks like it's done by a very bored ABC female teenager. However, it seems all the people that signed up to be friends obviously don't realize. I don't even know how to upload pictures to this site much less create my own My Space page with video and all that. So don't be fooled!
I've complained to My Space and they've ignored me. Maybe you guys can help me out and send in some more complaints so that it gets taken off. Spread the word!



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    i LOVE YOU

    Posté par Maria Fernanda A, 08 mars 2007 à 00:09 | | Répondre
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