Daniel Wu in school with his niece and nephews

Not long ago, Daniel Wu and Shu Qi were photographed together

Yesterday, Daniel Wu visits the school of his auntie's 3 children, to participate in a fund-raising, in order to support the expansion of the school's building. He especially donated an oil painting to be auctioned. Daniel Wu has always been close with his nephews and niece, he was asked if he may consider having a baby with his girfriend LisaS. ? He promptly smiled: "Yes, before I turn 40 years-old , but no plans of marriage, if the only reason is because we had a child."

Speaking of which, earlier after being taken with Shu Qi, and Kelly Lin dining out which caused to spread rumors , Daniel Wu said frankly, it did not affect his relationship with his girlfriend. He said, just like with Kelly Lin, his girlfriend knows Shu Qi for so long. He also said that despite of the financial crisis earlier, he isnt worried about it, but admits it affected his girlfriend's modelling job.

Source: http://asianfanatics.net/forum/Daniel-Wu-Wants-To-Have-A-child-With-His-Girlfriend-But-Not-After-Marrying-First-Not-Worried-About-The-Rumors-With-Shu-Qi-talk599890.html